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Alcor Consulting, Inc.

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We have partnered with Enacomm to provide the best in AI banking technology.

and Enacomm!

AI Solutions for the Financial Industry

Stay ahead of your competition by providing the latest AI and intelligent customer interaction platforms for your customers.

Conversational Banking

Conversational Banking using ENACOMM's VPA is an extension of the intelligent self-service solutions for financial institutions that Enacomm has  been offering for decades. ENACOMM’s VPA leverages technologies offered by Amazon, Google, Apple, and a host of others.

VPA by ENACOMM gives banking customers virtually full access to their accounts to perform any function they want.

Fraud Control

The ENACOMM Fraud Control Module (FCM) is a modular application that directly integrates with the ENACOMM ViA reporting system. The dedicated module implements customizable fraud indicators to identify, report and take definitive actions regarding suspected fraud. FCM is not a fraud prevention tool. It is a powerful way to discover fraud, to learn the latest tricks being used by fraudsters and to electively take action and to provide the information you need to establish effective countermeasures.


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