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The VoipCor Contact Center is loaded with features, and subscribers get all features for one price.  You pay a flat monthly fee for each concurrent agent.  That means you pay only for the number of agents who need to be on the system at one time (i.e., 2 shifts of 10 agents each, means you need just 10 subscriptions).

  1. Simple Pricing - Our contact center subsriptions include call minutes, so you pay just one flat fee per agent each month. We utilize our own SIP Trunk provider for all calling. Custom calling plans can be created for each customer.
  2. OmniChannel - Interact with customers using a variety of channels, such as chat, video, email and text message.  Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter are also available.  
  3. Skill-based Mapping - Create any number of custom skills and route calls to agents based on their skill assignments. 
  4. Multi-Level IVR - Easily create multiple IVRs that can be used to interact with callers, providining menus, prompts, messages, etc.  Customization of IVR functionality is one of our strong points.  We can build an interface to provide dynamic data, process information, voice recognition, etc.
  5. Web Phone  - All agents can utilize the built-in softphone based on the latest WebRTC technology.  Our platform also gives you the option of connecting a physical phone, which registers over the LAN or internet (this means remote agents can use a softphone or actual desk phone).
  6. Live Call Monitoring - Supervisors can monitor calls and coach agents.

  7. Real-Time Analytics - Dashboard provides live stats for agents, queues, campaigns and calls.

  8. 100% Voice Recording - With our contact center platform, you get call recording free of charge.  Voicemails and call recordings are retained by default for a period of 3 years.  Longer retention time is available for a fee.
  9. Automated Call Distribution (ACD) - Using a variety of strategies, the system can automatically distribute calls among agents.

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